Love at First Fight

It’s time to fight for some attention for this series. Enjoy my review of Love at First Fight.

Love at First Fight Details

Name: Love at First Fight; Wu Shi Lang; Love for Fight; 武十郎
Date: 2007
Country: Hong Kong
Episodes: 33
Time: 45 min.

RATING: 6/10

My Review for this series

It is a long time ago since I watched this drama, so I don’t remember all the details. But there is not much information about it on the internet, so I wanted to write something about Love at First Fight.

Love At First Fight

Love At First Fight main characters

The series starts with a scene where the mother is giving birth to her 10th child. Meanwhile the father (a martial arts teacher) is at risk of getting married to a second wife, because his mother is sick of having only girls as grandchildren.

Love At First Fight

It’s a boy!

When the child is born, it’s a girl again. But to prevent her husband from leaving her, she decides to pretend it is a boy. And so our main character is raised as the precious son of the family and heir to the martial arts school.

Some years later our little girl/boy is all grown up and has fallen in love with her friend Li Ya Shou (Saul). He does not know she is a girl and is determined to find a rich match for himself.

When a fighting match is organised and the price is the daughter of a rich family, he immediately sets his eyes on her. The brother of this rich girl has met our main character in female clothes and likes her. Conclusion: it is not a love triangle but more like a spiders web.

Love At First Fight

Crazy fighting scenes

I liked the series. I remember it as easy to watch, with a lot of funny moments. If you are looking for sophisticated humour, you’re in the wrong place, it is more of the slapstick kind.

The mother was a great character, but I loved Saul (Li Ya Shou) the most. He was very cute. Lei Sheng Da was quite nice too.

Love At First Fight

Angry looking Li Ya Shou

The acting is not great, but I had the feeling it was somewhat done on purpose. It was just the typical overacting you see in more of the Chinese dramas.

Conclusion for Love at First Fight

If you are looking for something light and funny, with a bit of gender-bender and cute romance this is a series for you. Be aware that there is a love triangle (I know a lot of people are getting sick of those).


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