“It’s hard to tell that the world we live in is either a reality or a dream.” Let’s get right down to business with my review of 3-Iron.

Natsume Yuujinchou

How it all started

I think, as many a European girl, I did not realize the scale of the Asian entertainment industry. Sure, I’ve heard of Bollywood. And yes: I did see some Chinese and Japanese movies. I even saw some anime on telly, but I was not really interested in them. And now, How it all started…

Startling With Each Step

Startling By Each Step

I’m not much of a Chinese drama viewer. I watched a few and I liked them, but I skip most of them. However, I’m a sucker for time travel and romance stories. When I saw the drama description and the good grade it got, I decided to give Startling By Each Step a chance.

Review Asian Series


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